Gift of Education

What do you get the person who has everything, or is passionate about alleviating social injustices in the world? The gift of education, of course! This gift will provide a Cambodian child with a month of education. They will participate in daily classes, have access to clean drinking water and attend a library.

You will receive a card in the mail that explains just what your gift achieves, so the recipient will understand what a big difference they are making.

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The Khmer language classes at Human and Hope Association began in 2014 when the staff noticed some children in their community were not enrolled in public school even though they were of age. These students were aged between seven and thirteen, and studied Khmer for one hour a day in addition to English. Their development was remarkable, with their behaviour improving dramatically and their knowledge skyrocketing. These students learnt the Khmer alphabet, which consists of 33 consonants, 23 dependent vowels, and 13 independent vowels. They made the transition to public school successfully, and have been moving up in their classes.

Following on this success, Human and Hope Association opened the Khmer language program to their students who were already enrolled in public school.  They chose these students to join our class because despite studying in grades 2, 3 and 4 at public school, they were illiterate. Public schools in Cambodia tend to have up to sixty students in each class, leaving little ability for teachers to spend time on the students who need extra help. Human and Hope Association now hold Khmer language classes in the morning and afternoon, and all students are able to progress at public school due to these classes.

Furthermore, their Director holds teaching workshops for the teachers at public school in an effort to improve the teaching methods and make our Khmer language program redundant in the future.


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