Why an e-book?

Today marks the release of ‘It’s Not About Me’ in e-book format.  I have pushed for an e-book release to make it accessible to people across the globe. Voluntourism is a global issue, and I want people in all countries to be able to access the book to read about

Discovering voluntourism is a problem, not a solution

This is an excerpt from ‘It’s Not About Me’. Preorder your signed copy today. All proceeds are donated to Human and Hope Association Inc. WARNING:This excerpt contains disturbing information about the Khmer Rouge. IN 2009, I DECIDED I wanted to go on a holiday. As I was flipping the pages of

“I want to teach the children a song in Portuguese”

This is an excerpt from ‘It’s Not About Me’, my manifesto that will be published by Elephant House Press in late May 2019. In 2013, I initiated child protection workshops at Human and Hope Association. We had implemented our visitor policy, which only allowed for visitors to come to Human and Hope

Where It All Began

My grandmother, Marjorie, was born in Rangoon, Burma. Before World War II, her family was well-to-do, and they lived a good life. But in 1942, her family escaped to India. Although she never returned to Rangoon, my great Uncle did, and his three children continue to live in Burma, now