Things I Miss About Cambodia

Greeting people with respect In Cambodia, you traditionally greet people with your hands together and placed in front of yourself (from the chest upwards) as a sign of respect. I really admire this, as it is a very easy way to show that you are a polite person and respect

How to Travel Safely in Cambodia

Don’t use your phone/iPad/electronics in a tuk-tuk – Thieves will ride close to your tuk-tuk, then the person on the back will reach in and snatch your prized possession from you. Before you can even blink, they will be out of sight and you are never seeing that item again. Although electronics

The Horrors of the Khmer Rouge: A Personal Story

Rik Chork grew up in what she calls a simple family. They weren’t rich, nor middle class, nor poor. They had enough food to eat and lived in a house made from thick bamboo. When she was just 13, Rik’s mother died. Like many people in Cambodia, Rik wasn’t exactly

Help a Cambodian Family Move out of Poverty

I’ve recently returned from Cambodia and I’m so pleased with what’s been achieved. I’d like to share just one story about the difference the organisation has made. There are many more success stories than I can fit in a short blog post, so I’ll share just one, which is Chomrong’s

Why You Should Visit Local Markets in Cambodia

When travelling, it is easy to be drawn to the tourist markets. You know the ones; they have people yelling out, “Lady, you wanna buy something”, “Only one dollar” and “Good price for you.” They also have a great (albeit, repetitive) selection of knick knacks to take back to your