Help a Cambodian Family Move out of Poverty

I’ve recently returned from Cambodia and I’m so pleased with what’s been achieved. I’d like to share just one story about the difference the organisation has made. There are many more success stories than I can fit in a short blog post, so I’ll share just one, which is Chomrong’s journey since she joined Human and Hope Association (HHA).

I first met Chomrong in 2014. She was struggling to feed her family on her meagre salary of $1 a day as a builder. Living in a dilapidated house made from palm leaves and bamboo, Chomrong didn’t know if the structure would survive the next big storm. She feared her children would lead the same difficult life as her and didn’t know how to make a change until HHA entered the picture.

When Chomrong was approached by HHA in 2014, she jumped at the chance to study sewing. She rode her bike on a 10km round journey each day for a year. She studied tirelessly and learnt the skills to set up her own business and was later hired as our sewing teacher. She has come full circle and is now empowering other women to break the cycle of poverty.

When I returned to Cambodia last month, I visited Chomrong and her family in their new, brick home. She was so proud of herself, and so was I. All three of Chomrong’s children are studying at Human and Hope Association and continue their progress at public school where they are at the top of their classes. Chomrong earns around $300 a month, ten times what she previously earnt. Her family is living free from poverty, violence and disease thanks to our holistic programs that involve mothers, fathers and children.

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