Poverty, Inc.

“We are held captive by the donor community.”

I watched the powerful documentary, Poverty Inc., last night. 

For many, it will be uncomfortable to watch. But we must address the realities that our aid can negatively impact societies. 

As I write in my upcoming book, ‘It’s Not About Me’, when we send items such as clothing for free to people in low-income countries, it undermines the local economy. Small, local businesses are affected as the recipients of the free clothing don’t purchase new clothing from the local markets. Africa experienced a 50% reduction in apparel production between 1981 and 2000 due to the influx of clothing donations. This resulted in a decline in employment, which mean that citizens who didn’t need assistance from aid programs before were more likely to rely on foreign donations because of the effects of said aid.

Please, add Poverty, Inc. to your watch list to learn more about the problems of aid.

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