Things I Learnt in Cambodia

  • Even if you are a long-term resident, you will never be treated like a local. It will always be ‘Barang (foreign) price for you’.
  • Always have your laptop charging. When the electricity cuts out, you will want a fully charged laptop as you never know when that bitch is coming back on.
  • Geckos make an unpleasant noise and can fall from the ceiling and into your mouth.
  • Buddhists have a party for old people. It is a ‘before you die’ party, complete with loud music. Loud enough it might just kill the old people.
  • The temples in Siem Reap are the most magnificent in the world. No arguments, please.
  • Kids are way cuter in Cambodia than in any other country in the world.
  • People worry about what they will eat today, not how education will help them get a better life tomorrow.
  • At night time, it is best to carry stuff in your pockets only, to avoid getting mugged on your bicycle.
  • If you go to Sunday School at church, you get free snacks. 
  • Although gambling is illegal in Siem Reap, the police will openly gamble at the police commune. They will also ride a moto in their uniform whilst drinking beer.
  • 50 market stalls will sell the same item because they think if one person is selling it, it must be a winner. 
  • Dogs will not move for you when you are riding your bike towards them on a road. However, if a moto is riding next to you and is intent on running the dog over, the dog will move at the last moment and result in you running it over.
  • People will say they are happy even if they are not.
  • It is bad luck to have three people in a photo.
  • Everyone gets a year older at Khmer New Year. Birthday’s aren’t really celebrated.
  • If there is a sad or awkward situation, people will just laugh as they don’t know any other way to react.
  • You will get called fat every day. But at the same time, you will always be called ‘pretty girl’ even if it looks like you have a mullet that day.
  • Squat toilets are very hard to get used to.
  • It WILL flood.

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